Busway Maintenance & Services

Fokus Samudera Sdn Bhd offers the assurance & security of the busway systems for power distribution to guard against costly equipment or building downtime. Hence, we come out with preventive maintenance solution to solve the building owner's problems. As technology has advanced, we have implemented infrared themography in our preventive maintenance which would accurately allow us to know if the aged busway system power distribution would have any problems.

Busway System Diagnostic Scanning.

Electrical busway is a common feature in both manufacturing facilities and high rise buildings. In the past, busway testing involved labor-intensive manual inspection and maintenance and a significant power outage. Infrared thermography can be useful in situations where bus duct loads are balanced and uniform; however, these conditions are not usually found in the field. IR Thermography is applied on the busway system for electrical fault during the site survey. The fault areas or component images and real life images will be captured and stored in the database for easy identification. Reports / related document is issued to clients complete with IR and true photographs, temperature of equipments for further analysis and recommendations.